Coaching Details

Let us  …

… jointly develop solutions to the specific challenges you are facing! This will enable you to have a more successful and fulfilling working day. Book your personal coach, who will be at your disposal.

Goal of the coaching engagement is to deliver a method of resolution as well as the implementation of the same.

We support you in clearing the existing conflicts and clashes in a sustainable way.

We enable you to tackle emerging new disputes the right way.

This will restore you with more time and energy – and delight – so you can pay attention to the really fundamental business challenges. The way is cleared for your success!


A professional needs-assessment will define the extent of the coaching assignment.


The distinctive feature of SUCCESS ACROSS is the „mixed double“ coaching approach. That means you have a coach “at home” - with the same cultural background as yourself - and in addition you have a coach “abroad” who is a representative of the cultural group you are working in/with.

You are endowed with an expert in the „foreign culture“ – within your timezone, with the eyes and ears of your partner/customer who will guide you through your assignment.


We are happy to provide you with a customized coaching offer. We are looking forward to hearing from you via e-mail: or phone 0049 (0)69/ 739 187 30.