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TEDx CIFE – on the topic of TRANSITION Nina Frauenfeld:

Cross-cultural competence in action: The Power Of Building Bridges
CIFE, Nice France

Short film: Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE)

about the Master in Advanced European and International Studies, MAEIS.

Interview-Input Nina Frauenfeld: 2:56 - 3:15

Interviewinput from students during the workshop: 0:23-0:36 and 1:59-2:31



Live interview on radioeins (rbb, ARD)


Nina Frauenfeld providing answers to questions about diversity and the 3rd German Diverity Day

On air 09.06.2015

Duration 5:31 minutes 
Language: German

Click hereto access the audio file (mp3)

Diversity Slam Finalist at the DIVERSITY 2013 conference