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CV & Profile

Nina Frauenfeld is a passionate and highly energetic business trainer, a strategic consultant and an empathetic counsellor. Her vocation is to enable people to use their cross-cultural competence successfully.

Nina Frauenfeld holds a Master of Arts in International Information Management, Political Science and History. She specialized in intercultural communication and worked for Professor Dr. J├╝rgen Beneke at the research centre for intercultural communication during her time at the University of Hildesheim in Northern Germany (1996-2001).

During her studies she conducted cross-cultural projects for well-known companies and organisations such as Lufthansa Flight Training, the German Embassy in Bueons Aires, Argentina and the Carlton Intercontinental hotel in Cannes, France.

After graduating with honours in 2001, she started working for the EMEA Headquarters of the American software company SAS in Heidelberg Germany, where she kick-started the Academic Program and was responsible for leaving a footprint of SAS in the academic world.

She was responsible for creating and maintaining partnerships with strategic business schools and universities all over Europe, Middle East and Africa. Heading up a team of 20+ Academic Program specialists she faced intercultural challenges on a daily basis. She was fascinated how well an intercultural team can perform when cultural differences are taken into account sensitively and professionally.

In 2003, whilst working at SAS she started teaching a practitioner-orientated course on "intercultural communication in the business world" at the Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg, Germany.

On the 1st of January 2010 she founded SUCCESS ACROSS an international trainer, coach and consultant network. The aim of Success Across is to enable people and organisations across the world to become successful in working together internationally.

The expert network offers their services in 44 countries, in 24 languages and across 19 different industries.  Since its foundation SUCCESS ACROSS is in dialogue with medium-sized and global companies alike enabling them to manage their given cultural diversity in a successful way.

In 2014 Nina became a "Certified Training Professional" (Bridgehouse Certified Training Professional BCTP) as well as "Certified Business-Trainer BDVT".

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