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I have had the opportunity to work with Nina on three occasions. During our first encounter - the cross-cultural workshop that she run, I discovered what a warm person she is, her ability to immediately building a good relation with students and creating a pleasant and safe atmosphere, so we would not hesitate to share our opinions even if they differed. During our career workshop I enjoyed her sense of humour and was amazed how well she read our body language, what helped with adjusting the workshop to our needs, and how immediately she understood all cultural references we shared, what helped to build even a stronger team spirit.During our one-to-one career coaching session, I felt so welcome that I immediately opened up to the whole experience. It was very awarding on many levels: I was given not only no-nonsense career advice, but as well she offered, - I would not hesitate to say - , some valuable therapeutic insights. It was quite a cathartic experience for what I would like to thank Nina from the bottom of my heart."

Piotr Rodewald, 2023

Nina approached me with kindness and empathy. I entered the room with a set of specific and realistic questions to ask, full of worries and pessimism regarding the future. I got out with a head full of ideas, and with a new motivation to achieve what I secretly always wanted to do, but never dared to even try."

R.Nold, 2023

Nina is a wonderful woman, full of life experience, who has a lot to teach. I first came into contact with her at CIFE. She is always willing to help, whether it's personal matters or more "technical" things like CVs or motivation letters, or simply finding a direction in life. The personal meeting with her as well as her events at CIFE were particularly enriching for me and through the personal counselling I learned a lot about not only how to submit more applications, but also how to regain my lost self-confidence."

Geraldina Kola, 2023

I will never forget when Nina told me during my coaching session: "The ultimate goal of life is to leave a legacy to this world." I started the session by saying to Nina that I would like to do something in the educational sector, but I am struggling to decide on which level. And I left the coaching session with the belief that I can be the next Maria Montessori! Nina has an immense talent for unravelling and empowering the individual potential of people."

Lili Grandiek, 2023

My experience with Nina's coaching was exceptional. It was my first coaching session, and Nina ensured it was perfect from start to finish. She welcomed me with prepared notes, elevating the session, and her expertise in refining my CV was invaluable; providing a fresh perspective that I couldn't have ever discovered on my own. Nina's approach is remarkably objective; she explores every question, digging into the details and offering diverse solutions, point of views and guidance. She truly stands out in her professionalism. Moreover, beyond this professionalism, Nina transmits an incredible energy and positivity that makes her and all the experience truly unique and authentic. Personally, her ability to transmit such positivity adds immense value to the coaching experience and to the different sessions that we had with her. Thank you lots Nina, you are incredible!"

Samah Sadir Chahiri, 2023

Nina really helped me to find my authenticity and to make sure all assets of my personality show in my cv. She has really helped me with marketing my personality and skills, so I feel more prepared for job interviews now!"

Quite Anne Ottens, 2023

I'm writing to thank Nina for her support. In our one-to-one coaching session, as well as listening carefully and understanding my needs, she opened my eyes to my own strengths and helped me understand myself better as a professional. I'll take her comments with me for life. Once again, thank you very much,"

Clarissa Dias Nascimento, 2023

Dear Successacross Team, I want to express my gratitude for the transformative intercultural retreat in Annweiler. Nina's energy and knowledge were exceptional, fostering understanding among diverse participants. Her warm, empathetic personality made the experience even more meaningful. The retreat effectively bridged cultural gaps and brought our group closer together. It was a truly enriching experience, thanks to Nina's outstanding facilitation. This retreat left a lasting impact, broadening our horizons and creating strong connections within the group. Thank you, Nina, for an unforgettable experience."

Yours sincerely, Sekine Kaynar, 2023

First of all thank you for giving us such amazing workshop related to cultural issues. It was really helpful for me to know my colleagues’ personalities and their communities’ culture and life style. Moreover, I liked the friendship environment between participants and listening to them. I believe that this workshop was a great start of my studies and keen to continue participating in such activities."

Thank you, With best regards, Sara Naseri, 2023

The retreat would not be the same without Nina’s ideas and approaches. It was so good! An amazing experience about our feelings and different perceptions among cultural particularities. This knowledge will be for sure part of my journey."

Ana Paula Michels Costa, 2023

I just want to say that I really enjoyed the sessions you gave us. It was true from your heart, done with great passion, and it really touched my heart. I will use the techniques you gave us, not only during this year but throughout my life. Thanks again :)"

Kindest regards, Nardine, 2023

The coaching session I recently had with Ms. Nina proved to be a remarkable privilege. Right from the start, there was an instant connection that allowed for a deep and meaningful exploration of my profile as a candidate for various job opportunities. One of Ms. Nina's remarkable qualities is her ability to read a person's energy and look beyond the formalities, enabling her to identify my doubts and address them effectively. Ms. Nina's perceptive nature became evident as she acted as a "talking mirror" during our session. She skillfully pointed out not only my strengths but also the areas where I still have room for improvement. This honest and insightful feedback provided me with valuable insights and a clear understanding of the steps I need to take to enhance my professional capabilities."

Alexandra Danșa, 2023

CIFE gave me the opportunity to have a coaching session with Nina Frauenfeld, to review the CV, the motivation letter and to get answers to a thousand doubts, which who doesn't have? She has the special capacity to understand the person in front of her with just a few simple words and to search with her the motivation that drives her to pursue her dreams, which is not always easy to describe in words. A coaching session with Nina is what we all need! Thank you"

Eleonora, EUDIPLO Master, 2023

It was a true pleasure to meet Nina, and have a long discussion on various topics. These includes strategies for job applications but also fulfilment in work environments, our vision matched. The most noticeable trait I saw, was the ability of Nina to quickly understand the person she is talking to. I could see the real interest in her words and that ultimately led to be pragmatic in establishing a strategy for applications or interviews. I would incentivise people to get a chance having insights from Nina as I came out of the session in a position of confidence for my future plans. Thank you very much again, and I hope get the chance to meet again ! Best"

Cyprien DRESCHER (Climate Diplomacy student), 2023

After my coaching session with Nina, I came to realize that the little things truly do count, and in a competitive and sometimes harsh world, it's reassuring to know that who I am as a person is what matters most. In just a matter of minutes, Nina seemed to understand me better than I understood myself, and she provided me with tailored suggestions for both my CV and Cover Letter. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to take a moment to reflect on myself and approach my future with renewed confidence. I'm incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by Nina, and I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services. Her experience and skills are impressive, but what sets her apart is her kindness and her ability to form deep connections with people.”

Sofia Eudiplo Cife, 2023

I had always thought that I could not be able to express what I felt in words. Nina proved me wrong. As soon as I opened the camera I felt seen and heard. She read me through the lines and helped me write down my emotions, my perspectives, my ambitions, and most importantly what I am. Understanding a person from the very first moment and encouraging her into making a big step is what makes Nina awesome at what she does. I am more than glad to have had the amazing chance to meet her and to have learned from her."

Mikita, Eudiplo Master, 2022/2023

As part of my studies at CIFE, we were offered a coaching session with Nina to work on our respective CVs and cover letters. First of all, it was a pleasure to meet Nina despite the “online barrier” thanks to the passion and sensitivity she puts into her work. Indeed, it was a very productive coaching session not only because of the amazing CV tips she gave me but also because of the inspiring and emotional discussion we had on my values and dreams and how to make them visible on my cover letter and curriculum. I highly recommend Nina in case you want to prepare yourself for job interviews or even just to talk about where your career and personal life are heading!”

Ginevra, CIFE, 2023

To be completely honest, before I came into the session I was expecting a casual cover letter and cv review not knowing that it would be probably the coaching session that I never realized I needed. You helped me open up, bring me out of my comfort zone, and offered me a safe space to be truly myself. You have an amazing gift to help people. I left the session with great advice that could help on both professional and personal level and with great confidence on my abilities and power. Thank you and I hope to meet you again.“

Mariam, CIFE, 2023

Meeting Nina was truly a memorable experience. From the moment we were introduced, I was struck by her unique and positive energy. Her emotional intelligence was evident in the way she communicated and connected with me on a personal level.
As someone who was nearing the end of my master's program, I felt lost and uncertain about the direction of my future career. However, my meeting with Nina changed everything. She was able to understand my goals and aspirations and provided me with valuable insights and advice on how to achieve them.
In light of the current complex historical moment, it can be challenging to navigate career development and personal growth. However, I highly recommend Nina's services to anyone who feels lost or confused, or to anyone who wants to improve their CV. Her guidance and expertise are truly valuable, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with her" 

Best regards! Salma Thabti, 2023

I hope everything is going well for you. It is a pleasure to stay in touch with you. The three days I spent with you and the other glamorous people in Anweiler mean a lot to me because I don't often interact with strangers, but from that point on, we became friends and they became like a family for me. I would like to express my gratitude for breaking my silence and inspiring me to speak up. I miss those times, and I feel fortunate to have this chance to meet you.
My trust.

Mathaba Osman, HIGH, 2022

For a number of events, my meeting with Nina happened online, and at the beginning I was a bit disappointed. But I never thought it could be so intense and true even through a screen. What impressed me most about Nina was, first of all, her empathy, her ability to connect with the feelings present at that moment. And then certainly her transparency and sincerity are incredible gifts, and she knows how to use them in the best way ever. I found the meeting very useful, especially the way it was set up: indeed, for me, it was the first time that I found myself talking about the personal characteristics of my behavior and how they might fit into the working world. It was the first time I took in consideration what I am good at and try to use it as a guide during my job research. Last but not least, I loved the ‘wave’ of self-confidence I had after our session: Nina is really able to make you believe in yourself!

Lisa Contini, 2022

What a pleasure it was to meet such an incredible human being. Nina’s energy and emotional intelligence are truly one of a kind. She has a gift for reading people’s personal histories and backgrounds, for seeing their complexity and true potential. This allows her to provide very targeted and even unconventional advice. Our session was intense and deeply insightful -especially from a personal point of view. She gave me a precious key to unlock certain aspects of my life, and I left feeling empowered, self-confident and willing to take action. I am so grateful for this beautiful creative connection, and I hope our paths will cross again.”

Mila, EUDIPLO Master, 2021/22

Nina is an amazing person. Her passion and dedication are beyond words! What was supposed to be a formal conversation on Team Microsoft turned into a deep and meaningful conversation. To start with, I was immediately impressed by her positivity and energy. Moreover, she has an extraordinary and unique ability to understand and to connect with people. Her advice has been targeted and effective and at the end of our conversation, I felt more motivated and positive. I wish everyone the opportunity to meet this beautiful human being.”

Doristella Fiore, CIFE, 2021

I was that lucky to meet Nina during the last term of my master programme, which was helpful to "direct" in some extent my future career. She has the amazing power to infuse strength and belief in yourself with a pure and empathic approach. She not only gave me practical suggestions about my CV and Motivational Letter, but furthermore, she spurred me in a direction that I didn’t even thought about. Thank you sincerely.”

Valentina Figliolini, EUDIPLO Student, CIFE, 2021

My session with Nina was insightful, inspiring and it was supportive in my vision for my future. I felt Nina truly understood the path I am trying to create, and we were on the same wavelength. She has constructive ideas for what kind of paths to explore, and she offers strategies with tactical steps. Most importantly, she really customizes her advice to your unique needs, and it was evident through the insights she gave me based on my CV and other documents I sent her beforehand.”

Allyson H., CIFE student, 2021

I had the fortunate chance to meet Nina during my second term of the EUDIPLO Master: we were online and that was the first time we had a one on one conversation, but – despite the pandemic and the fact that we had never spoke before – it felt as if me and her were close and knew each other for a long time.
That was also the first time, in my academic life, that I felt seen and understood because Nina can read a person’s background, personality, strengths and weaknesses, just from having looked at your CV or at your cover letter: she is - indeed - an extremely skilled and experienced professional and a sensitive and compassionate woman.
Thanks to her, I had the chance to pause and reflect on myself and look at my future with more confidence. I strongly recommend having a session with Nina because of her experience, skills and sensitivity: she will really help you better understand yourself and guide you towards a future that you want to be a part of."

Sofia Mocchegiani, EUDIPLO student, 2021

I met with Nina as part of my Master degree, and while I was initially a bit sceptical about having a meeting with a “coach”, my only regret is that I couldn’t meet her earlier. By reading my CV, Cover Letter and a couple of emails, Nina seemed to have figured me out as a person, and thus created an environment in which I could feel as comfortable as confident to voice my questions and concerns.
Our conversation was inspiring to say the least, and I am extremely grateful for her time and help. I fully recommend talking to her about any insecurities regarding one’s future career, because I am sure she will find the right words to show that you already have the tools, you just have to admit you are brave enough to use them."

Federica Rizzi, GEGPA Student, 2021

Nina is not just an outstanding professional and a great coach: she is one of the most passionate, energetic, enthusiastic and empathetic persons I have ever had the pleasure to meet. With her emotional intelligence and brilliant mind, Nina has the extraordinary ability to read into your soul and to create a strong connection with her interlocutor. Thanks to her intuition skills, she provides you with valuable suggestions and insightful advice on your professional path. She helps you to discover your potential and to overcome your weaknesses in the most gentle and thoughtful way. Despite the virtual nature of the meetings, both the workshop and the coaching session were deeply engaging, inspiring, and extremely useful. I highly recommend a coaching session with Nina to everyone. She is the kind of coach everyone needs in his/her life. Thank you, deeply, Nina!"

Valentina Biasi, CIFE Student, 2021

I had the opportunity to meet Nina during the second term of the Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs Joint Master Program. Although the meeting was virtual, Nina has the ability to create an extremely enthusiastic, and engaging environment! Nina is full of passion, energy and positivity; most importantly she provides clarity and very valuable and insightful advice! I took a lot from the meeting and feel much more confident in taking my next steps. Thank you Nina!"

Deanira Laze, GEGPA, CIFE, 2021

Although our meeting was virtual due to the current pandemic situation, my experience with Nina was pleasant and extremely useful to understand and better frame my working future and strengths. Nina has extraordinary sensitivity and emotional intelligence. She can understand you in a few words, even through a screen, and underline talents and possible improvement ways. I recommend Nina to anyone who feels lost or confused in this complex historical moment or to anyone who would like to improve its CV. She will certainly know how to use the right words to advise you best and to infuse you with a good dose of self-esteem and hope. She is an outstanding professional and an adorable Human being."

Giulia Capone, GEGPA Student, 2021

Pandemic challenges demand adaptability, flexibility and create innovative #workshop solutions. During the #crosscultural competence workshop in Berlin organised by @Nina Frauenfeld SUCCESS ACROSS with the Master in Global #EnergyTransition and #Governance, we managed to prove that distance learning via ZOOM can be highly interactive. Based on a strong group dynamic, a lot of optimism and the willingness to make the best of the Master experience, we excelled in group exercises, delivered great preparation work and contributed to their cross-cultural experiences in an analytical and bridge-building manner. We are lucky enough to live together and form a #socialbubble, enabling greater interaction. Read more about the workshop: #cife #master #energytransition #berlin"

Faouzi Laouej, Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance, 2021

I really enjoyed my coaching session with Nina. It was just what I needed at that moment to shine. She made me see my strengths in a way I had never thought of and utilize them to my advantage. With my weaknesses, she helped me develop mental strategies to overcome them. After the session, my priorities were well defined, my confidence boosted and my energy and spirit lifted up. Thank you Nina"

Paula Esenam Energy Masters Student at CIFE, Berlin, Germany, 2021

An all-round successful course that, despite the online format, did not forfeit neither active nor much valued exchange. Great input!”

Anica S., University of Heidelberg, Germany, 2021

Meeting with Nina at Success Across was such a great experience. She is helpful, kind, and has a clear sense of your strengths and weaknesses. Our meeting helped me to reframe how I was looking at the application process. I would highly recommend others to reach out."

Melinda Machado, GEGPA Student, 2021

Nina is an excellent professional and avid listener. From the very first moment you can feel her enthusiasm and willingness even though it was a virtual session due to the pandemic. She has really helped me sort out my head to figure out what steps to take next in my professional career."

Alicia Bellón, CIFE Student, 2021

I met Nina during an online coaching session during a COVID-19 lockdown in Germany. We had a workshop and then an individual coaching session after sending her my CV and cover letter for her review during the session. Prior to the session, I had been told by a company to email a CV and cover letter in the following few days for an internship position. Nina then gave me advice on how to improve my application and in the following few days I got an interview with the same company. During the session Nina also gave me advice on the interview process and how to approach it. I found out a week later that I got the internship!!! Nina gives excellent advice on CVs, cover letters and life! She was the boost I needed to succeed and gain the position. Onwards and upwards thanks to Nina."

Andy Marshall, Master Student in Global Energy Transition and Governance, 2021

I met Nina in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and full Italian lockdown. We had a workshop and then individual coaching sessions … all online because my classmates and I were all around the world. Nina didn’t just adapt to the new scenario, she kept it real and made it work, engaging us with her passion and enthusiasm. I’ve had career workshops in the past but talking to Nina was different and refreshing. She connects with you on another level, picks up on personal traits with a surprising ease and helps you realize that you have to put yourself ‘out there’ in order to get ‘somewhere’. Nina is a remarkable professional and I highly recommend her. I am truly happy that others can continue benefiting from her advice and guidance."

Virginia García Romero, School of Government of Luiss Guido Carli and the Centre International de Formation Européene, Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs, 2019/2020

I had the chance to participate in a truly inspiring Career coaching workshop with Nina Frauenfeld. Nina guided us through inspirations and discussions that encouraged all of us to dig deeper and stay true to ourselves. Small anecdotes about her own career gave the workshop a special touch to be relatable, she went out of her way to make the information significant to us. The individual coaching session that followed was filled with tips and guidance, uniquely adjusted to my questions. Nina is a coach with a feeling for the human factor in her work, after only a short period of time she was able to recognize and highlight my unique character in my application package. After her coaching, Nina left me with a feeling of confidence and preparedness to enter the international job market."

Isabelle Solberg, School of Government of Luiss Guido Carli and the Centre International de Formation Européene, Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs, 2019/2020

To work with Nina and Success Across is undoubtedly a truly enriching experience for anyone who wants to develop their interpersonal skills. As a Master student of European and International Affairs I got to know her in several workshops and in individual coaching. Her interactive, energetic and practical approach makes learning great fun and after that experience I am confident to say that I am well equipped for all my career aspirations. Keep up the good work!”

Julia Lohse, CIFE Master Student in European and International Studies, 2019/2020

Nina contributes a key part of the Professional Skills module that I direct. The student groups are as mixed as you can imagine - gender, nationality, ethnicity. They are at a crossroads in their career and studying outside their home country. Nina connects with them collectively and individually. They trust her and are inspired by her. She leads them to look at themselves in a mirror, to see their options and to take responsibility for their choices. Nina combines both natural talent and the wisdom gained through experience. Her emotional intelligence and sharp perception skills are as energising for me as for our students. She is an outstanding professional.”

Paul Culley, CIFE Director of Professional Skills Module in the Master in Advanced European and International Studies at CIFE-European Institute in Nice, 2020

Working with Nina was a pleasure! She gave me valuable feedback on my CV, cover letter, and overall how to handle recruitment processes. Her experience and charisma make her a great coach!"

Arthur Petit, Master Graduate Rotterdam School of Management, 2019/2020

Nina is probably the most enthusiastic, positive and committed person I have ever had pleasure to meet. She was a total delight to work with, adding so much to her team when seconded into the UK office from Germany. Her attention to detail, and doing the right thing for our academic customers was vital. Her success and achievements were all the more valuable given the re-engineering of our approaches and offerings to those clients that she drove and implemented for us.”

John Dalton, Country Manager SAS UK, 2013

It was great pleasure working with Nina - with her passion and enthusiasm, you would be sure that the issue would be solved and in a way that was win-win for all parties involved.”

Lena Ryuji, Business Development Manager SAS Asia-Pacific, 2008