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I met Nina in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and full Italian lockdown. We had a workshop and then individual coaching sessions … all online because my classmates and I were all around the world. Nina didn’t just adapt to the new scenario, she kept it real and made it work, engaging us with her passion and enthusiasm. I’ve had career workshops in the past but talking to Nina was different and refreshing. She connects with you on another level, picks up on personal traits with a surprising ease and helps you realize that you have to put yourself ‘out there’ in order to get ‘somewhere’. Nina is a remarkable professional and I highly recommend her. I am truly happy that others can continue benefiting from her advice and guidance."

Virginia García Romero, School of Government of Luiss Guido Carli and the Centre International de Formation Européene, Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs 2019/2020

I had the chance to participate in a truly inspiring Career coaching workshop with Nina Frauenfeld. Nina guided us through inspirations and discussions that encouraged all of us to dig deeper and stay true to ourselves. Small anecdotes about her own career gave the workshop a special touch to be relatable, she went out of her way to make the information significant to us. The individual coaching session that followed was filled with  tips and guidance, uniquely adjusted to my questions. Nina is a coach with a feeling for the human factor in her work, after only a short period of time she was able to recognize and highlight my unique character in my application package. After her coaching, Nina left me with a feeling of confidence and preparedness to enter the international job market."

Isabelle Solberg, School of Government of Luiss Guido Carli and the Centre International de Formation Européene, Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs 2019/2020

To work with Nina and Success Across is undoubtedly a truly enriching experience for anyone who wants to develop their interpersonal skills. As a Master student of European and International Affairs I got to know her in several workshops and in individual coaching. Her interactive, energetic and practical approach makes learning great fun and after that experience I am confident to say that I am well equipped for all my career aspirations. Keep up the good work!”

Julia Lohse, CIFE Master Student in European and International Studies 2019/2020

Nina contributes a key part of the Professional Skills module that I direct.  The student groups are as mixed as you can imagine - gender, nationality, ethnicity. They are at a crossroads in their career and studying outside their home country.  Nina connects with them collectively and individually. They trust her and are inspired by her. She leads them to look at themselves in a mirror, to see their options and to take responsibility for their choices.  Nina combines both natural talent and the wisdom gained through experience.  Her emotional intelligence and sharp perception skills are as energising for me as for our students. She is an outstanding professional.”

Paul Culley, CIFE Director of Professional Skills Module in the Master in Advanced European and International Studies at CIFE-European Institute in Nice, 2020

Working with Nina was a pleasure! She gave me valuable feedback on my CV, cover letter, and overall how to handle recruitment processes. Her experience and charisma make her a great coach!"

Arthur Petit, Master Graduate Rotterdam School of Management 2019/2020

It was great pleasure working with Nina - with her passion and enthusiasm, you would be sure that the issue would be solved and in a way that was win-win for all parties involved.”

Lena Ryuji, Business Development Manager SAS Asia-Pacific, 2008

Nina is probably the most enthusiastic, positive and committed person I have ever had pleasure to meet.  She was a total delight to work with, adding so much to her team when seconded into the UK office from Germany. Her attention to detail, and doing the right thing for our academic customers was vital.  Her success and achievements were all the more valuable given the re-engineering of our approaches and offerings to those clients that she drove and implemented for us.”

John Dalton, Country Manager SAS UK, 2013