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highly interactive . instantly transferable . well structured


Team, department, academic year it is all about you within a specific group.
During the workshops your team learns how to deal professionally with cross-cultural challenges.


  • Increase efficiency, motivation, productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Using the full potential of existing differences
  • Reducing frictional loss


A balanced mix of methods is key to all our interventions.
The balanced-mix covers:

  • Theoretical Basics
  • Simulation
  • Real-life examples
  • Individual exercises as well as inter-group development
  • Videos
  • Roleplays

What makes us special:

  • Developing hands-on solutions for existing cross-cultural challenges in the team.
  • General cross-cultural competence
  • Country specific cross-cultural competence: Experts for 44 different countries and regions
  • Mixed double trainer approach
  • Workshops can be delivered in 24 different languages