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Success Across partner Nuray Akmeric is your partner for career coaching, consulting and training since 2010. Akmeric is based in Istanbul and supports individuals in their career development. Akmeric also enables organisations to plan, communicate and implement change processes through consulting and training. Akmeric’s clients are Turkish subsidiaries from global companies and local companies alike.
The way she works:
Together with her clients Akmeric develops tailor-made solutions in order to reach defined goals. Akmeric’s approach is rooted in profound and authentic appreciation as well as mutual trust. Akmeric’s services can be booked in Turkish and English language.

The Munich-based Diplom Journalist Ole Zimmer supports Success Across since day one. He graduated from the German Journalist School (Deutsche Journalistenschule) in Munich Germany and is working as editor, writer, author and communication consultant since twenty years. His stories are being published ­– amongst others – in magazines and newspapers such as GQ, Nido, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, ZEIT und AMG Driving Performance. For Success Across customers and partners he is working on campaigns, texts and concepts and always has the final editing on everything Success Across publishes.

From theory to practice – we convey cross-cultural competence. Together with our partner LifeXperiences we offer trainings, seminars and team buildings on Mallorca. From exclusive top management groups to companywide incentives: the incredibly experienced team from LifeXperiences ensures perfect planning, execution and follow-up of exciting and unique events and guaranty success … always.

talent.imperative supports their clients’ ability to execute their strategic plan through sustainable talent management by providing HR and operational leaders with actionable consulting, insightful research, and execution-oriented coaching around their most pressing talent challenges.